Auckland Graduation May 2017

Graduands, Facilitators, MOE, Red Cross, Tutor, IT and family

An atmosphere of fun and gentle humour was present over the graduation of our latest RYAN Centre Refugee class.  It is always a treat to be able to share the day and be welcomed by the class, the centre and the family members present.

We were delighted to have Shona Te Huki attend and share a few words of encouragement.  

It might have been the sunshine that caused a few of our speakers to be a bit more comedic - something that sent the graduates into giggles and smiles, it might have been the promise of tea and an amazing lunch!

Thank you to the lovely student representative who spoke on behalf of her family and class about the difference being cared for can make, for the different people that help the class before and after graduation. 

Thank you again to the many 'threads' that make our 'tapestry'.

Love is the only cement that can hold this broken community together.
When I am commanded to love, I am commanded to restore community, to resist injustice,
and to meet the needs of my brothers.

Martin Luther King Jnr

Palmerston North Graduates April 2017

and he said... "thank you for teaching me how to use the computer and thank you for the computer and support"

It's always a privilege to be part of a programme where you can see the visible evidence of progress and confidence with our new families that come to New Zealand.  Quite often at each of the graduation ceremonies we are mesmerized by the speeches from the families as they express the delight and gratitude for having taken part in the programme, the support and training they have received and the connections they have created in their new communities.

Palmerston North have recently graduated x7 families in early April with the graduation being held once again at Freyberg High School who are the local partners who hold the training and support for the families.

A special thank you to Palmerston North Deputy Mayor Tangi Utikere, Principal Peter Brooks, Gina Gonzales (MoE), Deven Rai (in school refugee coordinator), Red Cross, our translators and Doug Strachan (Trainer).

A wonderful day with wonderful people

Dunedin graduates April 2017

We have had a very busy month celebrating the wonderful graduates for the Refugee programme.

Graduations started in Dunedin and have continued around the country.

We are very proud of all the families that take part in the programme as many spend their weekends learning in an new environment in a new country.

This cannot be accomplished without the support of the Ministry of Education, local partners and of course our translators, trainers and coordinators

Families in training

                        Our graduates                         

the best part of the day :-)

What's happening in March?

Computer training has commenced this term and all areas have begun Computers in Homes training for our refugee families.

Having recently paid a visit to the Ryan Centre in Auckland I was fortunate enough to meet with the team who were planning to bring in the next group of families together to commence training this month.

Thank you to the Auckland Refugee team for welcoming me.  Special thanks to Dr Arif pictured below who is doing such amazing work supporting each and every family he comes into contact with.

From Left:  Shona Te Huki, Dr Arif & Cara Sefuiva
Other areas that have begun training are:

Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin & Palmerston North.

The journey to New Zealand

Here is an amazing article from the NZ herald regarding the journey it takes on our refugee families that come and settle in New Zealand.

There is much for us all to understand and comprehend the absolute need for them all to have a safe place to call home.

Please click the link for the full article.

Auckland Refugee Graduation - December 2016

December closes out the year for the RYAN Training Centre Refugee intake.  The graduation took place 10 December and saw 6 more families join many other digitally connected whanau.

Their last session was re-empahsising to our new graduates the importance of being aware of what they click on and being just as aware what their children are doing.  Thanks to Constable Rob for his patience and humour in class.

Our guests for the last celebration of the year included MOE representatives Susan Gamble and Asmah Shah, and for the first time, Liz from Red Cross.

Congratulations to all of our graduates! 

Auckland Refugee Graduation - September 2016

Last topic in class before graduation, with local police officer
reminding students to stay safe online.

The newest graduates of the RYAN Centre intake enjoyed their celebration Saturday, 24 September.  The graduation was attended with representatives from the Ministry of Education, Red Cross and families of the graduates.

The graduates were quite excited, and although few in number, they were hearty in their thank-yous.  

Congratulations to all of our families - enjoy the fruit of your training and the opportunities ahead,

Our lovely translator and a new graduate.
In his thank you address, he shared "Just as we have been helped as refugees,
 let us do better to help other refugees that come, help the place that we live".